Home (2011)

Home is a video installation part of the research project, Recycled Beings. Produced at the Nativo y Foraneo (Native and Foreigner) residency, organized by the Centro Rural de Arte of Argentina in La Patagonia on 2011. 

Home collects images from natives from La Patagonia area, national park workers and contemporary artists. They were all confronted to the idea of identity and migration as a potential way of living aiming by this to produce a project that could instinctively surface the fragility of the idea of identity as an universal concept. The process of producing the installation tried to challenge the participants by engaging them in the core analysis of the project for then asking them to respond to the questions: What is home and where is home? Imagine this is home and tell us your story? 

The participants had a few minutes to reflect on the given information and to prepare their respond. Just before they start with their narratives, they were requested to deliver their reflexions by the only use of their eyes. 

This video compilation was shown on a three by two meters construction sign that was found in the surroundings of the national park Los Alerces. This sign was vandalized with spray paint, quoting accusations of corruption and discrimination towards the governor of the region by that time, Mario Das Neves. The installation was product of an open collaboration with the administration of the national park Los Alerces, that allowed us to raise the sign again and to locate it in the entrance of the park for the display of the film.